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SPIRIT WARRIOR's state-of-the art, leather printing capability enables our artisans to capture the intricate, multi-colored, fine art details of our artists' work. It durably replicates, on exquisitely tanned hides, the art's intricate nuances, shadings and brush strokes.


SPIRIT WARRIOR upholstered chairs or sofas are practical, 3-dimensional paintings. They are divine for relaxing. Each piece has a clear protective coating that durably fixes the art without compromising the soft, supple hand of the leather. Our proprietary inks are light and color fast and are abrasion and water resistant.

SPIRIT WARRIOR printed leather throws and pillows are created to be art objects. They will make a statement!


SPIRIT WARRIOR wall art is crafted with a felt backing and hanging loops. The pieces are easy to hang and will lay firmly and smoothly on walls. Our leather canvasses, with their distinctive, flowing grain lines, bring a unique, synergistic, aesthetic dimension to the original image.

SPIRIT WARRIOR printed leather floor art is wedded with a felt and latex skid-resistant backing. They will wear like a fresco painting and be a joy to tread.