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SPIRIT WARRIOR products are born from the talents of great American artists. SPIRIT WARRIOR designs are distinguished by exquisitely printed images on high quality heritage leathers.


SPIRIT WARRIOR art-printed leathers are available as wall art, rugs, decorative throws.

SPIRIT WARRIOR custom printed leather can transform sofas, chairs, pillows, tables into 3-dimensional paintings that will function practically as well as decoratively.

The American buffalo, with its beaiful, flowing, grain lines and shared history with the American Indian make it an ideal canvas for the imagery of SPIRIT WARRIOR artists.

The buffalo is a Native American symbol of sacred life and abundance; its status is honored on the buffalo nickel. Historically, Native American tribes have used every part of the bison as food, for utensils and clothing, and in religious rituals.
SPIRIT WARRIOR also offers deer, elk, lamb, cow as well, all of which have a long legacy with the American Indian.

We are uncompromising in our selection of each hide to insure that it will be a durable, functional canvas for SPIRIT WARRIOR art.

SPIRIT WARRIOR was founded and is owned by Peter Traynor and Bernie Granados.

Bernie Granados, Jr., is a multi-talented Native American artist who creates in a wide variety of mediums, including embossed acrylic paintings, watercolor, wood carvings, ceramic and bronze. His artworks have been exhibited in museums, such as The Smithsonian, The Southwest Museum and The Autry. His work is in important private collections, including those of Dustin Hoffman, Ben Kingsley and Ted Turner. Granados' artwork has been featured in many productions, such as, "The Native Americans," "Highway to Heaven," "Gabriel's Fire," "Whose Harry Crumb?", "Evolution" and many more.


Peter Traynor is a pioneer and a master of fine art printing on leather. He is also a member of The Director's Guild of America having directed and produced numerous motion pictures and commercials. What sparked Mr. Traynor to develop and perfect leather printing was a first-of-a-kind idea that he had for shoes. In 1995, Traynor founded the luxury footwear brand ICON Shoes. The shoes were distinguished by the visually arresting fine-art imagery that he designed and printed on their leather uppers. There was no brand like it at the time. Stanley Marcus discovered Traynor's "walks of art" and brought his shoes into Neiman Marcus. They were also sold in Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and by prestigious, fashion-forward international and U.S. retailers when he owned the company. Today, Traynor's company prints for clients such as Hermes and SPIRIT WARRIOR.